Necklace aids baby vaccination

Khushi toddler - this means that happy baby - is a plastic pendant on a black string. A computer chip embedded within the pendant shops vaccination statistics of the toddler wearing it, along side the mom's health data.

By way of retaining the records on the kid in preference to on scientific playing cards which can be misplaced or on paper logbooks that could emerge as cumbersome and are almost not possible to search thru, medical experts can make certain infants get the right vaccinations at the right time.

The chip communicates with a cellphone or pill, allowing fitness care people in remote regions to get admission to actual-time information on the child's vaccination schedule.

When the health worker returns to the metropolis, the facts is uploaded to a relevant cloud permitting them to take the right elements on their subsequent area visits.

The ministry of fitness and different health officers can also get entry to the statistics


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